Free security personnel from repetitive and monotonous labor and enhance the sense of professional value.

Intelligent Patrol Robot

Free security personnel from repetitive and monotonous labor and enhance the sense of professional value.

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The team has been committed to the basic research of artificial intelligence since 2014, and through nearly 10 years of technology research and development precipitation and deep excavation and understanding of the property industry, we use the power of science and technology to improve the industry standard, reduce the cost of employment, and provide one-stop solutions based on indoor and outdoor patrol and inspection, safety and security for property security customers.
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We, as Anbaoai robots, founded in March 2012, are a top manufacturer of humanoid robots and intelligent service robots. Therefore, we have worked on the design, smart production, and commercialization of intelligent service robots with the goal of “bringing intelligent robots into every family and making everyday life more convenient and intelligent.”

However, we have created a smart robotic solution for a variety of industries. Including AI education, smart logistics, smart wellness and senior care, and business service. We, as Anbaoai robots manufacturers, specialize in offering state-of-the-art robotic solutions for a variety of markets and uses. Therefore, we as surveillance robots suppliers, have established ourselves as a leading provider of cutting-edge robots created to increase efficiency, productivity, and flexibility.

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Our industrial robots are designed to transform production methods. However, we as Anbaoai robots producers, are willing to provide constant performance, accuracy, and dependability across a range of applications. Also, including precision assembly, material handling, welding, and painting. Therefore, our range of collaborative robots combines efficiency and safety. These robots are designed to collaborate harmoniously with human workers while streamlining workflows and enhancing productivity.

Our service robots are able to help in a variety of service-oriented industries, including healthcare and hospitality. These robots can communicate with clients, deliver goods, and improve client experiences generally. With the help of our cutting-edge agricultural robots, we as anbaoai robots supplier, embrace the future of farming. The automation of duties like planting, harvesting, and agricultural monitoring by these robots will boost crop productivity.


Through the intelligent property management system based on the cloud platform, realize the interconnection and interoperability of the robot and the existing technical defense equipment, unified management and deployment, hardware, software, development platform of the three major technology matrices Forming core intellectual property barriers.

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Through the intelligent property management system based on the cloud platform...


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Keep putting efforts on the basic research of Artificial Intelligence.
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