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Beijing Anbao Science and Technology Co., Ltd

With the power of science and technology to improve industry standards, reduce labor costs, and provide security customers with one-stop based on outdoor patrol inspection, safety and security solutions.

A Decade of AI Research and Cutting-Edge Solutions for Enhanced Safety and Efficiency

The team has been committed to the basic research of artificial intelligence since 2014, and through nearly 10 years of technology research and development precipitation and deep excavation and understanding of the property industry, we use the power of science and technology to improve the industry standard, reduce the cost of employment, and provide one-stop solutions based on indoor and outdoor patrol and inspection, safety and security for property security customers.

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Empowering Security Personnel

Free security personnel from repetitive and monotonous labor and enhance the sense of professional value.

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Smart & Secure System

Through the intelligent property management system based on the cloud platform, it realizes the interconnection and interoperability between the robot and the existing technical defense equipment, and unified management and deployment. Customized patrol routes, customized punching tasks, customized identification of violation recognition, autonomous alarms Real-time archiving and statistical analysis. Equipped with pc end webpage video monitoring management platform and mobile end cell phone App monitoring and processing platform warning.


Our company owns more than 100 patents and intellectual property rights, and many core technologies are based on LIDAR algorithms. Obtained national high-tech enterprise certificat.

Professional team

The company's core team are from Fudan University, Jilin University and other well-known universities in China, was responsible for the national project pacemaker robot, in artificial intelligence, big data, Internet of Things robotics and other cutting-edge technologies have a deep research foundation and rich scientific research results.
Through the high efficiency of mobile internet and centralized platform, help security and property management industries become more efficient and intelligent, and introduce more high-end talents.
At present, the company's core team of 30 people, the R & D team as a whole accounted for more than 75%, of which the proportion of master's degree, doctorate and above accounted for 50% of the R & D staff.

24/7 Support

In technical support and after-sales service, we guarantee to provide customers with perfect and considerate technical support and after-sales service. Always to provide customers with professional, standardized, diversified services for our company's service purpose. Our company has a perfect after-sales service team, there are specialized departments responsible for providing customers with a full range of technical support and service. From telephone consultation, e-mail, to customer site service, we will respond to customer requests at the fastest speed, to deal with customers in the use of products in a variety of problems and failures to ensure that the customer's work is carried out normally.
We will give the following commitments:
1. Provide timely, high-quality localized services. Will provide customers with maximum technical support.
2.During the warranty period, due to the customer's improper use and management, the damage caused by the customer shall be borne by the customer, and our company will provide paid services. If the responsibility can't be separated, our company will provide the service first, and then negotiate the cost to bear the problem.
3. Our company promises to provide 7×24 hours service after the contract is signed. Respond within 2 hour after receiving the notification, provide solutions to general faults within 8 hours, and solve complex problems within 48 hours by providing solutions and assigning specialized personnel to the scene to solve them.
4. Our company will provide long-term system installation, commissioning, maintenance training for the customer's technical staff, so that the customer can master the use of equipment.

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